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Could you kindly see below procedure information of a limited liability (Pvt.Ltd.) company in Sri Lanka.

What will you receive from us?:

  • Filling up forms
  • Professional guidance
  • Couriering documents
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Company stamps (Director seal & Secretary seal)
  • Paper notices in three languages (Sinhala, Tamil & English)
  • Gazette notice (after one month of registration)
  • Trustworthy valuable service

The procedure of company Registration.

  1. Name Search

    You are providing us with your business name wish to register.

    Advance Payment of Rs. 50,000.00

    • We do a name search at ROC and as soon as it has approved proceeding further.
  2. Filling and Submitting Forms and Articles of Association

    We prepare the Articles of Association for your requirement. you just send us the objectives of the business.

    Forms filling up and sending to you for your signatures.

    Form-01: Directors'/shareholders' full names, Company registered address, Secretary full name.

    Form 18: Director/Shareholder consent ( multiply by the number of directors/shareholders).

    Form 19: Secretary consent

    • For above-mentioned forms and articles we may take 3 days to prepare and post/courier to you. We wait till we receive the checked and signed documents from you. If you wish to contact us for further assistance, please feel free to contact us. Once we received the articles of association and signed forms from you, we may proceed to next step.
  3. Submitting Forms to ROC (Registrar Of Company)
    • We submit your articles of association and above forms signed to the ROC. If all the documents correct and accurate, ROC will issue the certificate of registration of the company with the name you've requested within three working days. and we will courier/post it to you and we proceed to the next step as regulations say.
  4. Receiving the Certification of the Registration
    • From the Registrar Of Company to our hands.
  5. Scan and e-mail the Certification of the Registration
  6. Balance Payment
    • Pay the balance payment of Rs. 35,000.00.
  7. Couriering Certificate of Registration
    • As soon as we received the balance payment, we courier/post you the
      • Company Registration certificate.
      • Copy of Form 1 (Original certified)
      • 5 x Articles of Association.
      • 1 x Director Seal
      • 1 x Company Secretary seal (If you appoint someone else only. if we are secretaries for you, we keep this seal with us whenever required to stamp)
  8. Notices

    Paper Notices - In Sinhala, Tamil and English languages news papers

    Gazzette Notice -In English only

    • It's a must thing to perform above mentioned Step.8 within 30 days from the date of registration. Our promise is to perform them within 14 days of the registration and proceed to next step. We may e-mail the scanned receipts for these notices and also registered post the original to you.
  9. Notifying ROC about Notices
  10. It's our duty to notify the Registrar Of Company that we have published the above No.08 Notices, within 60 days of the date of registration certificate. Our promise is to perform them within 30 days from the registration. We may e-mail the scanned receipts for these notices and also registered post the original to you.

  11. Submitting Form-06
    • Form-06 is the share issue form and at the initial stage this not be submitted and Form 1 shareholder percentages will be accepted as Form 6 at start up. Therefore, We will submit Form 6 from the 2nd time share issue and forth.
Procedure of Company Registration in Sri Lanka (TOTAL COST: Rs.85,000.00) Company registration Company registration


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