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What makes us different?

R S P holdings Pvt.Ltd is a cross-continental Melbourne-Colombo based totally Sri Lankan enterprise exclusively comprising Sri Lankans has moved from its pioneering inroads to boost Lankan tourism to now provide a vast slew of services for Sri Lankans domiciled abroad. services which for decades have been the cause of much grief and inordinate expense to Lankans abroad.

About R S P Holdings Ptv.Ltd

The R S P Holdings Ptv.Ltd nucleus group, per se, comprising NINE TECHNOLOGIES, KING’S TEA AND WASTU GEMS respectively, established back in the mid 1990’s needed some catalyst to move up into their next level of growth and it was with this objective in mind that RSP Holdings was established in 2004 to add that impetus which has since proved its worth in many ways, giving direction and motivation for growth as well as diversification. That catalyst led to the establishment of its Australian arm under the name of R S P Holdings (Australia) Pvt. Ltd out of which grew subsidiary companies such as ADAGRA Creatives, and the SRI LANKA DIRECTORY, AUSTRALIA.

Ravs Realtors

Opening Doors, Elevating Lives....

Ravs Realtors ( is the best real estate marketplace in the housing industry, featuring residential and commercial listings which meet your all requirements. is a real estate marketplace serving in the Australia Victoria State. We are dedicated to help the home buyers find the perfect place and sellers find the right buyer. We are committed to providing an extraordinary level of care and expertise for all of your real estate needs.We are recognized for exceeding client expectations and delivering great results through dedication, ease of process, and extraordinary services to our worldwide clients. We have a big customer base to market your property to right buyers.

Hamperor Online Store

Hamperor ( is the best gift store online in Melbourne offering an exclusive range of gift hampers. Send gifts directly from the latest gift store. In a landmark move, Rav Sri co-founded, which stands as the first-ever multicultural online gift store in Australia. This innovative platform celebrates diversity and brings together a curated collection of gifts that resonate with various cultural backgrounds. Rav’s commitment to inclusivity and the celebration of multiculturalism shines through in this groundbreaking venture.

AdAgra Pro

A Promoters (formerly, Infinity Tech Solutions): – provides a wide range of IT and media solutions for Australian companies including website designing/development, web hosting, domain registrations as well as advertising requirements.

The Sri Lanka Guide

The Sri Lanka Guide [SLG] ( is a comprehensive tour guide for tourists visiting Sri Lanka. Its contents are tailored to enhance the natural beauty, cultural heritage, multi-ethnic religious facets in the country, its centers of the arts and culture, its aesthetic features, its central highlands and lush green undulating lowlands which run after the many rivers which originate in the hill country to spread north, south, east and west of the country. Efforts are being consistently made to ensure that the SLG meets international standards in style and presentation/textual content etc. and is written up in a way that is aimed at saving a tourists’ time, effort and money which would otherwise be frittered away on fruitless or exhaustive searches to reach this or that tour destination ion the country. Issued free to tourists at every entry point into the country the SLG can be found not only at airports but also at star class hotels and is also available at overseas tour operators’ offices. The SLG is the one and only magazine accredited by the Immigration & Emigration of Sri Lanka and also Chauffeur tour guide’s association.

Sri Lanka Directory Australia

Sri Lanka Directory Australia ( is the first of its kind that covers every single state and territory in Australia, and in the sense of it being a community directory too it’s also the avant-garde so to say in the category of data literature among over 160 communities in the vast social mosaic of Australia. The Directory was launched at Temple Trees, the official residence of the President of Sri Lanka, when Mr.Ravindra Sri Panditharatne, the founding Publisher/Editor of the Directory handed over the first copy of the first issue to H.E the President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, on 23rd March 2010. The chief objective of the Directory is to serve as a motivator for growth of the growing number of Sri Lankan businesses across Australia and Sri Lanka via appropriate information fed to that sector through print media, web and mobile communication avenues. SLD, Australia issues published annually since 2010 ( is the first ever web radio to be launched by Sri Lankans domiciled in Australia and has already ensconced itself as a firm favourite in the multi-ethnic Sri Lankan community that is spread out over the entire Australian landscape. The radio covers any and everything to do with events, achievements etc relating to Sri Lankans in Australia. Our advice is that anyone wanting to know anything about the Sri Lankan community in Australia would do well to log into this web radio. Anyone wanting to contribute anything by way of news and pics pertaining to Sri Lankan in Australia can reach the web editor clicking the relevant link. The new kid on the block as it were, this dynamic web radio has already notched up some notable achievements which have drawn the applause of Sri Lankan Australians as well as native Australians. is:-* The 1st. Web radio operated by Sri Lankans in Australia | * The 1st Web radio to receive H.E the President’s greetings. | * 1st Web radio to broadcast live from groceries and restaurants in Australia | * The producer of the ‘ Sri Lanka Directory’ that covers all states in Australia | * Reputation of being the “Most crowded event organizer”

About the Founder

Was born in a paradise island and one of the most attractive countries on Earth, Sri Lanka in the year 1977 with another six family member and securing his place at seven as youngest of the family of late Mr. Neel Jayasiri Panditharathne (Son of Village leader, Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka as of 1936) and Mrs. Daya Manel Senevirathne was born in Galle, Sri Lanaka (Very close relation to premium Maliban biscuit manufacturing founder, late Mr.Hinni Appuhamy).

It was a year politically and culturally impacted to Sri Lanka’s economy but the Panditharathne family wasn’t impacted much as his Mother and late father were well established their businesses in Garments and their ancestors’ family biscuits manufacturing business, Maliban Biscuits. Entire Panditharathne family members are donors from their childhood as their Mother and Father were super donors at village temple’s charity foundation and village’s welfare organisations.

By the end of 2010 they were supported thousands of people for shelter, food, education and businesses. Migrated to Australia in 2003 and 2009 received his Australian Citizenship and 2016 became Sri Lanka Dual Citizenship as well. He is the Founder Chairman of R S P Holdings Pvt.Ltd Sri Lanka Australia and Today, R S P Holdings is the Sri Lankans’ most awarded group of companies in Australia.

Goodwill from the Government of Sri Lanka and Australia

It was deeply heartening to receive personal good wishes for the success of our endeavours via the “Sri Lanka Directory” from the President of Sri Lanka H.E Mahinda Rajapaksa, Minister of Economic Development Hon.Basil Rajapaksa and Deputy Minister of Economic Development Hon. Laxman Yapa Abeywardena and also the Finance Minister, Australia Hon.Penny Wong who have expressed their heartiest wishes for this valuable initiative published by the R S P Holdings Pty. Ltd., to promote Sri Lankans’ businesses and organizations in Australia and globally.

  • President 2010

    Mr.Ravindra Sri Panditharathne, the founding Publisher/Editor of the Directory handed over the first issue to H.E the President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, on 23rd March 2010 at the Temple Trees, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Left: Mr. Sujeewa Sampath, Agent Sri Lanka Right: Psychologist, Mr.Prasanna Panditharathne

  • President 2015

    Founder/CEO of SLD, Australia Mr.Ravindra Sri Panditharathne handing over its 5th issue to the H.E President of Sri Lanka Hon.Maithreepala Sirisena.